Department of Mechanical Engineering

Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria - Nigeria

Professional Masters in Engineering Management

The Masters in Engineering Management programme is designed for students with a background in engineering who wish to advance their career in the management of Engineering based industry. Engineering Management involves matching the system performance parameters and the preferred system configuration in order to satisfy the requirements. Planning and the control of the technical program tasks. Integration of the engineering specialties. Managing a totally integrated effort of design engineering, computer software engineering, test engineering, safety engineering, security engineering, logistics engineering, production engineering, and specialty engineering .That is, all the responsibilities involved in the management of the engineering and technical processes that transform a conceptual idea into an operating system; meeting constraints such as cost, technical performance and schedule objectives.

Entry Requirements

Applicants should normally have a minimum of a lower second class (2:2) honours degree in an engineering discipline from a recognized university or its equivalent. Professional qualifications that are equivalent to an honours degree may also be acceptable that is, postgraduate diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Oil and Gas Operations Management, Safety Engineering and Disaster Control or Pipeline and Welding Engineering.

Programme Duration

The Masters of Engineering Management programme is structured to run for a minimum of eighteen (18) calendar months (in three semesters) and a maximum of twenty-four (24) months subject to a satisfactory progress report. The curriculum is delivered through taught courses, seminars and a capstone original research project which will be presented and defended orally before a panel of examiners at a seminar.

Coursework and Assessment

Modules are typically taught by both lectures and supporting seminars