Department of Mechanical Engineering

Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria - Nigeria

B. Eng Automotive Engineering

Aims & Objectives

Duration - 5 years

The general aims and objectives of Automotive Engineering training should be in consonance with the realisation of national needs and aspirations vis-à-vis industrial development and technological emancipation. The benchmark statements give the minimum academic standards required to meet these needs and to produce graduates in Automotive Engineering with sufficient academic background and practical experience who would be able to rise to the challenges of a developing economy.
Automotive engineering graduates must therefore be resourceful, creative, knowledgeable and able to perform the following functions:

  1. Design and produce automotive components and systems.
  2. Perform optimally in our environment.
  3. Design engineering projects and supervise their construction.
  4. Perform task in accordance with laid down professional standards.
  5. Able to manage people, fund, materials and equipment.
  6. Improve on indigenous technology to enhance local problems solving capability in automotive engineering.


The philosophy is to produce automotive engineering graduates with high academic standards and adequate practical background for self employment as well as being of immediate value to industry and the community in general.
To achieve this, the automotive engineering and technology is geared towards:

  1. The development of adequate skill in Engineering.
  2. Early broad – based training in general Engineering and Technology for a developing country.
  3. Production of graduates with theoretical and practical knowledge who can design and produce automotive components and systems.
  4. Requisite training in human and organizational behaviour.
  5. Introduction to entrepreneurial education and training.
  6. Exposure of students to industrial practice and needs in automotive engineering.

Addmission Requirement

100 level

JAMB scores as may be approved by senate and five (5) O’ LEVEL CREDITS including English language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and any other science subjects in not more than two sittings.

Direct Entry(200 Level)

At least two (2) A ‘level passes in mathematics and physics and O/level requirement in (a), OND Upper Credit or HND Lower Credit in Mechanical Engineering is accepted and O/level requirement in (a).

Special Admission (300 Level)

300 level-HND upper credit in mechanical Engineering with a distinction in mathematics plus O/L credits in (a).

Courses Structure

The courses within the Faculty fall under the following heading:
Core Courses: Are central to the to degree programme in view. Are normally offered by the Department offering the course and constitute not less than 60% (i.e 90 credit units) of all the course unit that the student

Courses Description


Development of professsional engineering history of technology and its effect on society, the engineering institutions, their objectives and functions. Data measurement, representation and interpretation, report writing and oral presentation of information

Graduation Requirement

Entry Level Minimum Passed CU before graduation
100 184
200 (DE) 149
300 (Special Admission) 111